"Shotgun Wedding": A Hilarious Action-Romance Adventure Starring Jennifer Lopez and Pirates.

“Shotgun Wedding”: A Hilarious Action-Romance Adventure Starring Jennifer Lopez and Pirates.

Josh Duhamel was recently spotted filming a scene for the upcoming action-rom com “Shotgun Wedding,” where he plays the lead character Tom, who is engaged to Jennifer Lopez’s character Darcy. The scene in question features a thrilling moment where Darcy throws a grenade into the air, and in a split-second decision, Tom hits it like a baseball into a bad guy, causing a massive explosion and a display of rainbow-colored fireworks.

Duhamel couldn’t contain his excitement about the movie, stating, “I was like, holy (expletive) this movie is bonkers.”

Directed by Jason Moore, “Shotgun Wedding” starts off as a typical romantic comedy, following Darcy and Tom as they plan their big destination wedding on an island. However, things take a dramatic turn when a group of pirates, armed with guns, arrive and take the wedding party hostage.

The film is produced by Jennifer Lopez and her producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, who have been making films together since “Maid in Manhattan.” The film promises to be a unique blend of action, comedy, and romance that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming film “Shotgun Wedding,” streaming on Prime Video, is not your typical romantic comedy. The genre-mashup film follows Lopez’s character Darcy, who is getting married for the first time at an older age, and Duhamel’s character Tom, the groomzilla obsessed with the details and logistics of planning the fete. Lopez, who is also a producer on the film, said that the movie was about taking different things that people don’t think of as conventional and normal and making that thing regular and acceptable.

The film was not exactly a hard sell for anyone involved. From Cheech Marin, who plays Darcy’s billionaire father, to Jennifer Coolidge, as Tom’s very normal Midwestern mother, everyone basically heard “Jennifer Lopez” and “Dominican Republic shoot” and signed up. The film had a cast change just before shooting, as Armie Hammer had been originally set to play Tom but he stepped away from the project after misconduct allegations surfaced, which he has denied. But the director Jason Moore, a Broadway veteran, didn’t panic and brought in Duhamel, who had been on his shortlist and had been friendly with Lopez for years.

The chemistry between the leads was important for the film. “You really do need a certain kind of chemistry,” Lopez said. “This was not just romantic comedy chemistry. It’s more, you know, trusting each other and doing actions and doing stunts and also broad comedy. It was a lot.” Duhamel and Lopez quickly hit it off and the chemistry between them was described as even better than imagined.

The film also has a strong supporting cast, including Lenny Kravitz, as Darcy’s ex-boyfriend, and Steve Coulter, who played Coolidge’s husband. The cast even lived together in a giant house during the shoot and would go out together most nights, which translated into a family-like atmosphere on set.

“Shotgun Wedding” promises to be a unique and exciting film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, with a mix of action, comedy, and romance. With Jennifer Lopez leading the cast, audiences can expect a thrilling and entertaining film.

Source: The Associated Press